Sweet Potato and Black Bean Quesadillas for Two

This is a great change of pace from your regular old quesadilla.  It was suprisingly good, with just a hint ofView full post »

The Steps that George built

So like most things around this house – these steps were crumbling and rotten.   We had some leftoverView full post »

A week of making jellies, jams, and preserves

I canned peaches, apples, two different types of applesauce, hatch chili jam, grape jam, apple butter, caramel appleView full post »

Some of my best Hummingbird photos

I think I must have spent HOURS trying to get these birds this day.  All totalled, there were 4View full post »

Fire PIT!

Setting up for the first fire – we enjoyed it and got rid of an old norfolk pine that I had.  It was still green,View full post »

Rudebekia and something else

These are some type of cousin flower to the sunflower.   They stay fairly compact, and are perennial in thisView full post »

Paver Porch Finished!!!

This area was SUCH a mess before this.     This area before we moved in had a completely rotten deck and hotView full post »

Kitchen Island Refinishing

OK, I LOVE my island, really.  I love it more now.    Another complaint about the previousView full post »

My first watermelon!

and I should say, my only watermelon.   I forget when I planted this one, but it seemed like it took itView full post »