It's never too late - As I sit...


scanning photos from the past, I realize that I am doing the same thing I accused my mother of doing - not documenting anything, anytime. Stops today. At least I will try to go back and do some stuff here and there - but not sure where to start. I'll figure it out.

Yesterday, I ordered some 4x4 photos from a place called persnickety box - hopefully they will look great when i get them. my cookbook shipped yesterday - can't wait to get it, tuesday I think from the the email. 
So something i learned about old photographs - writing on the back in pencil is preferred to ink - evidently it has less damaging effects. SO.

This is one of the photographs I really love - it's my parents on Galveston Beach, somewhere in the 1950's -

it's kind of fun to do some of these colorizations.

This was back when Galveston beach could be driven on - and there were literally not many people, as you can see from the photograph - there is no one else in it, and the beach is actually clean.

There are more photos from Galveston - and lots of great memories,


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