Krumpet update

Well, krump came home on monday – she couldn’t have any water or food till tuesday. on tuesday, for 3 days, she got 1/3 of a can of chicken and rice soup totally blendered with pancreatic enzymes in it, which essentially began digestion. she was like ‘ whew ‘ food. she slept really well.

friday, she started her rice diet – rice cooked in chicken broth (of course she got the organic variety). also mixed with pe’s in it. i have to use those enzymes until they are all gone. i called the vet today, because monday she is supposed to be back on regular diet, and i thought it might be a little shocky to her system, and they said i could start adding a few food nuggets in with the rice, increasing it towards sunday night.

the poor dear is very skinny! she looks like a bag of bones and is grateful for the rice. i’m also having to give her zantac once a day. please don’t make her be on this medicine for the rest of her little doggie life. even with the kroger variety – it’s not cheap, unless you find a bogo.

still painting – have moved on to the kitchen (finished) breakfast area (finished) and living room (95%). my feet are dead! ladders!

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