2006 Fiesta San Antonio Gymnastics Invitational

Always fun with the Grey’s. The Fiesta Invitational is held annually in San Antonio. This was the first time we had gone to this meet, and also the last road trip we made in the Expedition. It poured!!! almost all the way there, for some reason – we seem to have had rain every time we have traveled to SA. The hotel was usual…had a nice area in the middle for pictures – the girls of course had to play in the fountain area.

The meet was mmmm, so-so…It was D’s first meet of the year – having had to miss the first part of the season with a fractured elbow. That was one of those freak things..caught a geinger a little too close to the bar and mashed her bones together more or less – by muscling away so she wouldn’t face plant the bar. Anyway….

Pam Mayer and Brian Jones were also there, Pammy used my cam – didn’t get very many good pictures, however Brian saved the day and was nice enough to send me all of the pictures he took.

The meet had a hilarious moment – d’s second tumbling pass – her hand slipped on the floor as she went into her round off, and we really aren’t sure what happened next – but somehow or another instead of a rudi back tuck – she did this really funny forward roll….Pam and I cracked up! We were all laughing so hard – it’s a good thing D’s good natured, cause we teased her about it the rest of the evening.

We all went out to La Pogata afterwards – cold as shit sitting outside. The food was good..the day was long – and then we got up the next morning and came home.

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