Super Hecktivity

things have been super hectic here – the week of thanksgiving. much ado about nothing though. a friend of mine and i shot a nursing home event the night before diane got home. it was fun.
so d gets home on wednesday – we made a mad dash to the doc’s office for the booster shot, then over to the eye doc for a checkup on how her eye’s are doing (from this year’s earlier problems). seems she is still having issues, but they went ahead and gave her some daily wear contacts to try for a month. seems the cold weather in new hampshire is wrecking havoc with her eyes.
so thanksgiving was good – tons of food of course, i really didn’t feel like driving all the way to pasadena to pick up my mother, but i did..and her dog…and well, i’ll leave the rest to your imagination. on
the way back, we stopped at lbj hospital and gave all of our leftovers to scott and his doctor friends. seems the hospital cafeteria was closed, and for those on call – well, they were SOL.
so the weekend progresses….d and v go shopping…and more shopping…and we go out to dinner, and more dinner, lunch, etc. the time just flew by!
on friday night – i called mom to see how she was doing, and she wasn’t doing well at all. i called randy and asked him to call – he did, he went over, he took her to the ER. still aren’t sure what was going on – i THINK they suspect a tia – which is a stroke warning thing. she had a dopplar done of her carotid artery tuesday, and i should get a call from the doctor today. in the meantime, my friend from dallas, her mother died – she had suffered from parkinson’s for several years and had been in a hospice situation for the past couple of months. makes you think about it…
so all in all – i’ve been running around like a chicken…with the perverbial head cut off. everyone wants something. in addition to all the work i agreed to do – my husband comes home last night with this wild idea – that i can edit a p&i diagram that in in a pdf format – “oh – just pop it into photoshop, i want that unit removed, those ……things over here, and yah – export it all so i can use it in a word doc”.
uh huh

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