Poor little Krumpet

well, Saturday night was NOT so good for the krump. me and d were gone shopping quite a bit, so we weren’t watching her like a hawk…when we got home around 9pm – noticed that she was severely itchy. now we had also noticed, she really wasn’t drinking that much water, she was eating fine, but not taking in much water. i figured that was ok, since she was getting chicken broth mixed with her rice.

anyway – we flipped the poor thing on her back to see what all the itching was about – and she was covered, and i mean covered with raised welps. we figured it was a reaction to one of the meds she was on – and promptly gave her a benadryl. well, 45 mintues later, that was a useless thing to have done. she was still getting more welps. we called the dog er, and of course, they said, considering what she has been through this week, bring her in. so…for the next 5 (count them, 1,2,3,4,5) we sat at the emergency animal clinic. of course, as soon as we got there, all hell broke loose, which is why it took them so long to get her seen. there was only one other person there when we arrived..

anyway – she was dehydrated, so they gave her fluid under her skin, so she wouldn’t have to stay the night on an iv – a steroid shot to control whatever was causing the intense rash. now this was not a great idea, considering her pancreas thing. even i had looked that up before we left, but we decided that she needed the shot more than the risk. she has also had a really foul odor coming from somewhere on her since we brought her home from the vet the first time. well, as long as you pay what you pay for emergency vet care, i had them check it out. while we were getting her into position to crank her mouth open, my finger went up inside her mouth and came out all bloody. viola – the source of the foul odor. she has mouth ulcers all over the place – we figured that the medicine, pancreazyme was digesting the soft tissue in her mouth. pretty icky. needless to say, that medicine was STOPPED immediately.

sunday krumpers drank water like her old self – i’m guessing the steroid shot helped soften the pain she was feeling in her mouth. by sunday night, the smell is still there, but much fainter. the er doc was going to fax all of this information over to her vet this morning, and i’m calling as i finish writing.

krump is trying to be the ‘million dollar dog’.

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