This Toy Does NOT belong outside!

Krumpet is so funny.  She does NOT like her toys outside.  She will pick them up as soon as the others walk off from them and proceed to take them back in the house.  Emphatically.

And a few more romp photos.  Because it's just so damn cute!

My poor krumpy is in the doggie hospital until tuesday – she has pancreatitis. how she got that – who knows. she started feeling bad on wednesday night in the middle of the night. the vomiting started thursday afternoon, I took her to the vet friday morning. they checked her over, gave her a shot for the nausea, medicine for diareah, and an antibiotic for general principle.
diane and i have been re-doing our guest room – so i got up early saturday morning to start the painting, tried to give krumps some food – she turned her nose at scrambled eggs, and cheese – so i knew she was really sick. back to the vet, they x-rayd her abdomen, and took blood and it tested positive for pancreatitis. she has to be on iv fluids for 48-72 hours and hopefully things will calm down. i searched it out on the internet, seems most dogs make a full recovery. poor baby was sooo tired and so sad looking when i left her at the vet.

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