Mexican Lasagna

super easy recipe from rachel ray – modified of course – but man it turned out yummy!

I have since lost this recipe but from looking at the photos - I could probably figure it out.  

Well, teah is better, although it was a challenge as usual, she’s such a PIP~ after all was said and done, she developed a lump on her back the size of an egg – now mind you this was a week after the abcessed paw. so another trip to the vet, and he guessed that it was from the shot – which was sort of encapsulated and never really went into her system. nice huh? it’s slowly getting smaller, but still pretty big and it feels pretty funny. doesn’t seem to bother her though.
UNH competed at regionals this past weekend, they did a pretty good job and finished where they should have. they were up against the #1 ranked florida team, arkansas and michigan, all of which were ranked like 9th, and 13th? i think. UNH came in ahead of rutgers and pittsburg, as they should have. I will say that UNH needs to step up their difficulty if they wish to be more competitive. travis, i know you check this once in a while… and in case you didn’t know..just ask diane – i’m always right – haha.
I took some senior photos of d’s friend abbey this past sunday – they turned out adorable. she’s a walking ad for the “fresh face” girl. I’m pretty excited that her sister called me this evening and wants me to do her engagement photos.

other than that…just cooking, web stuff, chatting, too much chatting…. and doggy-ing. i’ve definitely been in a slump, and WATCHING TV. my 5 year moratorium on television has been ruined. i’ve been reduced to lounging in front of the stupid tube. although, i do try to keep it on discovery hd, discovery, history, or something with some intelligence. i try anyway…

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