Oklahoma City Tour and the Alfred R Murrah Building Memorial

We had some time to tool around OKC while we were there – talk about a really depressed and dumpy area of the country.
There were a few nice spots we found – just south of downtown, an older historic district. The OKC Bombing Memorial was really VERY sad…just look at this photo. I hope the guys that did this ROT IN HELL FOR ETERNITY!

There was an art festival going on right next to the Cox Arena – this is where most of the pictures are from.
It was really a crappy place for our last USAG meet – considering we had gone to Dallas twice earlier this year. It wasn’t very pretty, and just no variety. Course, USAG has never been known for making any kind of sense whatsoever.
We had to drive there, since we weren’t sure if Diane would even compete – we saw a wicked wreck just after the state line in OK…otherwise an INCREDIBLY boring drive –

See the Competition for more on that…

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