Annual Bluebonnet Photos with the Family

Bluebonnets were NOT in abundance this year. We’ve had a pretty dry spring for this area – I heard somewhere it’s the “la nina” effect..

Val came home for the day – and we packed up my new (04) camry – and off we went towards A&M – out hwy 105 like we did the last time.

We didn’t feel like hauling all 3 dogs with us, so we left them at home. We actually took the first set of pictures in a ditch! It seems the bluebonnets were growing mostly in lower areas that may have gotten water at one point. The girls have been into “posing” lately….strange.
We took several detours trying to find great bluebonnets..we never did find them though. GB as usual, wouldn’t look at the map i had provided…someone on the Texas Photo Forum had kinda mapped out the good bb areas.

We did find a really cool back road – we stopped and took some pics where a horse farm was – then stopped again at the VFW Hall on 105 and took a few more. Haha, the one of D coming out from behind the tree while Val was trying to be all serious – is hysterical!

Then home again…

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