Rodeo Houston with Brooks and Dunn

One of my FAV country bands...and they did not disappoint!

Val got us ticket to the rodeo – and to tell you the truth – i really wasn’t sure exactly WHO Brooks and Dunn were, since my generation really doesn’t pay attention to music videos, but I knew I liked a few of their songs.
 Rodeo in Houston is big business. D and I had been at Panera having lunch a few weeks before and watched the trail ride coming down 249 headed for Reliant. What a long hard trip that must be. Every year.
So we drove to Val’s apt – picked her up – and then drove over to Scott’s apt – since he is like right across the street from Reliant. It was a cool – semi-rainy day – which was good – it can be very ugly in TX in Feb/Mar.
 We had nosebleed tickets due to our chronic inability to make a decision on who we wanted to see…but that was ok. We watched some bull riding, toured the food court area (of course), wandered around the pigs, chickens, and goats for a little bit. The concert was awesome –
Now as I look back through these pictures – I have a few more comments – they had this lady drill team thing going on – all dressed in white, this went on FOREVER, and all they did was prance around in circles on their horsies sitting side saddle. It was probably the most boring thing I’ve seen yet.
My pictures are not great – I didn’t take the arsenal of lenses with me, just the tamron 28-70/2.8 and the camera. Couldn’t get close enough to rodeo action with it – and I also forgot to switch to spot metering until right at the end of the concert. The last few turned out ok. The fireworks shots were suprisingly good, since I was handholding the camera.
Brooks and Dunn sang all my favorites – which currently the one from them that i like the best is called “i believe”. It’s funny cause when me and D hear it on the radio – we raise our hands like the song – and we must look like religious fantatics praying as we go down the road – it really must look hysterical.
 We porked on rodeo food, then took Val home..and went home to the doggies who were always..happy to see us.

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