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Checking out the new phone

Diane and I decided to go NON apple..GASP!  We thought we wanted the samsung Galaxy S6.  It does take aView full post »

A few pictures from Budapest and update to the Blog

As anyone who reads this knows…  MUCH has happened since last October.  Will get into all the details of thatView full post »

Glass shop in Venice

just sharing two photos from a venice glass shop. wordpress is still not behaving properly, I can’t do anView full post »

Venice – Day 2

So many things to see, walked around most of this trip with my jaw slack, and camera shutter popping.  The full galleryView full post »

so, i know i’m due for an update…

A visit with Valerie in Seattle Use the Slideshow to see the rest of the photos Visit with ValView full post »

UNH v. TWU – weekend in dallas with the girls

Got to see Diane and the UNH Team compete at TWU – always a treat to see my girl. Slideshow for theView full post »

visit with val and seattle gardens..

in late september, i had the opportunity to fly to seattle AND new hampshire back to back (whew) and what a whirlwindView full post »

Bluebonnets for Val

I’ve been promising these photos to valerie for a while. They were taken the day after my mom’s funeralView full post »

ahem…. just a photo from new hampshire

yah – i know…slacker it’s been a few months since my mom passed away and i can think about all ofView full post »