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Incredible Cheeseburger and Squash Salad

If you take just a smidge more time to make your average hamburger, you can come up with something reallyView full post »

Shadow Photography

I think I should start a trend..shadow photography.  the evening sun just made a nice pattern on the screenView full post »

Back to Houston..and Dogs..specifically Teah Turkeys’

This is one of Teah’s favorite positions..  love it.         While we were there,View full post »


They are back – and hungry  Such fun to photos even though most of the time, I am photographing them through theView full post »

My Stone Krumpet and the Ficus

There isn’t much to say about this photo – except I really like this corner of the room – the ficus is doing well –View full post »

Chicken and Mushroom Bake

So this was pretty good – shitake mushroom, baked with seasoned chicken, served with jasmine rice with a bit ofView full post »

Scallop Saute with Orzo

This one is completely made up – and I probably could not duplicate it if I tried.  A trip to trader joe’s on theView full post »

A little bbq action

You know you are from texas when you are ready to crank the grill up in march.. or february..or january..or heck anyView full post »

Sunrise and a winky moon

Sometimes I love getting up early, other times I hate it.  The dogs are all over the place as far as what timeView full post »