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Some of my best Hummingbird photos

I think I must have spent HOURS trying to get these birds this day.  All totalled, there were 4View full post »

Rudebekia and something else

These are some type of cousin flower to the sunflower.   They stay fairly compact, and are perennial in thisView full post »

Sunset on Lake Hartwell

Evenings here can be so beautiful.View full post »

Fantastic Sunset and Fourth of July Fireworks–Lightpainting too!

This one is too good to lump into the others.   This picture worked so well because the camera was on the tripodView full post »

Fourth of July Family Photos

No holiday with me around would be complete without asking for some photos.  This one was no exception.  andView full post »

Butterflies on the dining room porch

It is actually really hard to get a good picture of a butterfly, plenty of them with wings closed, almost open, blahView full post »

Blueberries – pastel and pretty

Aren’t the colors wonderful? I guess that’s why some people are into photography and others are not. I see the colorsView full post »

Sauted Chicken with Cornmeal Cakes

Always looking for new and interesting things to cook – especially because boredom just sets in after 35 years ofView full post »

Apple Cake with Caramel Frosting

Since I had visitors, it was a great excuse to make some cake.  This recipe made enough to use my small bundtView full post »