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First snow and visits from GB and GmaJean

of course, I was up at first light to catch the morning light and the snow.  I was hoping hoping hoping, asView full post »

These blossoms are just so delicate

I am really unsure what this bush is – it has the most gigantic thorns on it!  OMG – don’t get too close. View full post »

So wind is a powerful thing..on a lake

So I was down in the basement minding my own business, reading a book.  I looked up and out the door towards theView full post »

Couple of snaps of a beautiful sunrise

sometimes the light changes so quickly in the morning – I actually don’t remember which of these came first – butView full post »

Fishing Poles!

Diane and Ryan got me a fishing tackle box, and two fishing poles for my birthday – I really can’t wait to go fishingView full post »

Checking on SC before Europe

So much has been going on – you saw the earlier photos from the house in SC.  Such a mess – but what beautifulView full post »

cove circle

so just fucking shoot me now (I am writing this in 2015, not 2014) – what the hell was I thinking?  I told gb thisView full post »

House on Blalock Lake

I wish I had taken a picture of the outside of this house – the inside was immaculate and in perfect condition. View full post »

The search for a retirement home

has finally hit a head.  Sick and tired of gb shoving ipads in my face with a ‘look at this’.  ugh!  soView full post »