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It’s just pretty and reminds me of the photos we took when we first got to budapest, even though they are entirelyView full post »

Shadow Photography

I think I should start a trend..shadow photography.  the evening sun just made a nice pattern on the screenView full post »

Back home in Anderson

You can’t see it well from this picture – cells phones always have trouble with the sky – they either blow it outView full post »

House is looking shaggy…

There is still the matter of clover… which is pretty much all there is in the backyard, even after all the work weView full post »

Beautiful Spring here..

Just sharing some of the beautiful pictures of the spring flowers here – nights are still very cool – days are warmingView full post »

Paver Path is Finished!

This is sooo nice being able to get to the basement porch from the kitchen porch!  I had to put a few rocks onView full post »

Yard pics for George

Being in a long distance marriage is not easy – but pictures always makes it better.  This one shows the landscapeView full post »


GB came over the weekend to help me drive down to Houston – we planted these peonies in the front walkway.  ThereView full post »

Jade Plant, Orchids, and Christmas Cactus

First up, is the orchid plant that we bought at our local sams here in Anderson.  That was at Christmas, and it’sView full post »