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Rudebekia and something else

These are some type of cousin flower to the sunflower.   They stay fairly compact, and are perennial in thisView full post »

Butterflies on the dining room porch

It is actually really hard to get a good picture of a butterfly, plenty of them with wings closed, almost open, blahView full post »

Hydrangea loneliness and a few other garden shots

This was my only bloom on the hydrangeas this year – and I knew that going in last year when I whacked theseView full post »

Blueberries – pastel and pretty

Aren’t the colors wonderful? I guess that’s why some people are into photography and others are not. I see the colorsView full post »


These are called everlasting hydrangeas. I already have the blue on on the right – it’s quite large – andView full post »

Back home in Anderson

You can’t see it well from this picture – cells phones always have trouble with the sky – they either blow it outView full post »

Back to Houston..and Dogs..specifically Teah Turkeys’

This is one of Teah’s favorite positions..  love it.         While we were there,View full post »

Beautiful Spring here..

Just sharing some of the beautiful pictures of the spring flowers here – nights are still very cool – days are warmingView full post »

More Yard for GB

Just cruising around the yard now that things are blooming, the grass has been cut…        View full post »