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Doggies in the Snow–and more snow photos

we had to play and make a snowman, I mean, who wouldn’t?  I was very excited for the doggies toView full post »

Doggies and the sunshine

This time of year – the sun comes in through the front glass screen door and it’s the perfect spot for a dog to take aView full post »

Valerie’s Visit

I was very lucky that Valerie wanted to come for a visit.  It does get lonely here, especially after all the hububView full post »

So…Diane has moved out

I guess with all of the talk of us buying a retirement home, and pressure from a friend at work – off she goes to herView full post »

Val’s Birthday

Well we were off by one day – but that doesn’t count once you hit 30 right?  of course not.   Also as itView full post »

couple of cuties

talk about poor timing – like if you are going to take selfies… how about not when your hair is in a towel, or you areView full post »

Tamworth July 4th Parade

and the infinitely famous ‘parade pants’   ^^^^  THOSE ARE THE PANTS!!!View full post »

Diane’s Graduation from Klein Oak High School

Well, this wasn’t a piece of cake.  At the last minute, we found out that Diane needed a half-credit to graduate. View full post »