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Family and Fun on the Fourth

So Valerie and Mark along with Gracie and Sam, Ryan and Diane along with Presley (poor Sophie), all came to SC for aView full post »

Fantastic Sunset and Fourth of July Fireworks–Lightpainting too!

This one is too good to lump into the others.   This picture worked so well because the camera was on the tripodView full post »

Fourth of July Family Photos

No holiday with me around would be complete without asking for some photos.  This one was no exception.  andView full post »

Back to Houston..and Dogs..specifically Teah Turkeys’

This is one of Teah’s favorite positions..  love it.         While we were there,View full post »

Checking out the new phone

Diane and I decided to go NON apple..GASP!  We thought we wanted the samsung Galaxy S6.  It does take aView full post »

Val and Mark..

were at a party and sent me these photos.  I love it when I get stuff, like glimpses of my girls.  I forgetView full post »

The doggies are pretty funny

looking sometimes.  yin and yang.  if you look from the top, it they almost look like a heart.View full post »

Homemade Ravioli… of the butternut squash variety (with garlic) and laminated pasta

It is a lot of fun to engage houseguest in helping in the kitchen.  It makes everyone feel part of the process –View full post »

Homemade Pizza Crust and what happens after dinner

I finally tried the pizza dough that every raves about – I forget the guys name now, but it rises for 18 hours, andView full post »