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Pugs are so cute

especially my pugs.  Zoe is cute her own way.           It’s hard to get Bugsy to look at the cameraView full post »

Mulch and more..

Teah was tired from all that driving the day before.  What a life.  she spends 14 hours in a crate sleepingView full post »

Back to Houston..and Dogs..specifically Teah Turkeys’

This is one of Teah’s favorite positions..  love it.         While we were there,View full post »

Doggies doing well

Zoe has become more and more of a fan of sleeping on her back – spread eagle.  She looks soooo damn shaggy – IView full post »

The Bugster in an awesome sun ray

I took these with the iphone – I love flares. This is his current favorite place to lay down while dinner is cookingView full post »

Pretty Sunset and a Teah Turkey

I could look at these sunsets all day.  oxymoron I think.  just wanted to say a word about the olympus omdView full post »

The doggies are pretty funny

looking sometimes.  yin and yang.  if you look from the top, it they almost look like a heart.View full post »

Doggies in the Snow–and more snow photos

we had to play and make a snowman, I mean, who wouldn’t?  I was very excited for the doggies toView full post »

Doggie Love

The doggies are all snug in the their beds.  I was very proud of myself for actually installing this gate – byView full post »