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Chicken and Mushroom Bake

So this was pretty good – shitake mushroom, baked with seasoned chicken, served with jasmine rice with a bit ofView full post »

Baked Stuffed Chicken and Carrots

So I got this cookbook from america’s test kitchen – cooking for two.  this was delicious.  I will share theView full post »

Sadness Casserole

I am a huge fan of the walking dead.  especially Carol – I love her!  she is a badass but such a subtly funnyView full post »

Pork Stir Fry

This is another recipe from a sweet pea chef.  *as of october 2015, this is the second recipe I have made fromView full post »

Scallop Saute with Orzo

This one is completely made up – and I probably could not duplicate it if I tried.  A trip to trader joe’s on theView full post »

A little bbq action

You know you are from texas when you are ready to crank the grill up in march.. or february..or january..or heck anyView full post »

Panko Crusted Chicken Pattie with okra and tomatoes

Sometimes I forget to use the profile for the omd in lightroom – it really makes a difference in reds andView full post »

Salmon with Mushrooms, pasta and sauteed dandelion weed

that’s right.. dandelion weed.  who knew.  whole foods sells it.  found a recipe that used it and wentView full post »

just your basic baked chicken

but it’s just so dang pretty.  I got a smidge bit obsessed with heirloom carrots – mostly because they are justView full post »