Paver Porch Finished!!!

This area was SUCH a mess before this.




This area before we moved in had a completely rotten deck and hot tub.  There is of course a long story behind that.  One of the move-in provisions was that the previous owner remove the rotten hot tub.  In the process of doing that, the lying ass seller’s real estate agent had sent us an email, completely falsifying who did the work.  Specifically, she stated the previous owner had not skimped on having the work done, having hired professionals to get this done.  LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE!

Now this goes back to the move in day – but that day… in addition to the a/c failures – that evening, we were taking showers, using the bathroom, etc.  When I finished showering, I smelled poo.  Really.  Poo.  When they removed the hot tub…they disconnected the wiring..which disconnected the basement sump pump.  So..yah…  the sewage pump had no power so it backed up into the mechanical room in the basement.  Thank goodness there is a drain in there.  I was pretty angry…not going to lie.  I pretty much handed george a mop, and told him he was not welcome upstairs.  For the night.

So that night passed, and I calmed down.  So over the summer, we had the rotten decking removed and this paver porch and fire pit added on.  The ground slopes on this side of the house, as all of the ground does, towards the lake, so it is shorter on the one end so it connects to the basement porch on the other side.

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