Kitchen Island Refinishing

OK, I LOVE my island, really.  I love it more now. 



Another complaint about the previous owner.  On the backside of this picture you can see where the island is a smidge bit darker than the rest of it.  I have sanded, sanded, and sanded some more.  I came to the conclusion that the previous owner had set a wet plant on this island at some point, and it got wet and actually mildewed down into the wood.  If I had sanded any more, there would have been a noticeable dip in the wood.  At some point in the future, we will have to lift the cooktop out and really give it a good going over – but this is great compared to what it was.

OK – problems with a natural butcher block counter include:  ANYTHING you put on it – will stain it.  Making spagetti sauce?  stain.  Set a cold drink on it?  water stain, and the list goes on – god forbid you should get any oil or butter on it.  And it’s not like we are cutting on it anyway, having spent my entire lifetime using cutting boards, it’s just not right to cut on the countertop. 

So…we put a food grade polyurethane coating on it.  LOVE IT.

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