Back to Houston..and Dogs..specifically Teah Turkeys’


This is one of Teah’s favorite positions..  love it. 

 2015-05-cellpic-015 2015-05-cellpic-017 2015-05-cellpic-018 

While we were there, we went to visit David and Annette for his birthday.  Sat on the porch a bit, those dauchsunds are his two dogs.



Day 2 of the wedding was held in conroe, at some marina lakehouse – you can check the Rainy Day Photos blog if you care to see those photos – but just wanted to share the setup and how me and Diane roll at weddings..  laid back and ready to go!
2015-05-cellpic-023 2015-05-cellpic-024
 2015-05-cellpic-029 2015-05-cellpic-031 
Valerie wouldn’t be seeing me for Mother’s Day, so while Diane and I were shooting the last day of the wedding – she left me flowers – they are beautiful.
As we travelled back to South Carolina, it’s always from to cross the Mississippe – it means you have lived through Louisianna’s kidney busting roads.

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