Paver Path is Finished!


This is sooo nice being able to get to the basement porch from the kitchen porch!  I had to put a few rocks on the edge to hold the mulch in – and because it was so steep, you can see on the left where I built a small rock wall.  I put one of the hydrangeas that were lifted from the sunny side of the back bed in that area.  I also planted some creeping phlox along the edges, hopefully it will be beautiful next spring, I missed it just a bit this year on the bloom because the path was not finished.  Next year, I will move the currant vine over to this area – as there are wires already drilled in the side of the house where they tried to train some hybrid pear tree – it looked horrible when it was there, and I had the yard crew remove it totally when we put the path in.



I tried a few plants here – the lentan rose – but I didn’t like it much and didn’t think they looked good in this spot.



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