A few pictures from Budapest and update to the Blog

As anyone who reads this knows…  MUCH has happened since last October.  Will get into all the details of that below.  Suffice it to say..  my FORMER webhost – LUNARPAGES – could not suck anymore than they really do – honestly – they suck donkey dicks!  Back in October – they locked me out of my account – said it was getting too many hack attacks and basically extorted money out of me to let me back in.  I could no longer use my blog as my home page.  SUCKED – as I had been doing this since 2006, when I started this.  Hard to believe it’s been that long..but..

Anyway – I pretty much left it alone for months.  Till Last Friday.  I wrote a post.  I tried to go back in and put up a couple of photos from our trip to Budapest.  Should have been easy, right?  NO – BECAUSE LUNARPAGES SUCKS!!  They locked me out of my account again!  it’s been almost 24 hours since I have heard from support – so I have moved hosting to go-daddy.com and so far set up could not have been easier.

Anyway – On to the photos – I have completely forgotten what any of them were.  A lot has been going on.


We had a great time on the trip, despite the wind and rain and COLD weather.  More Later! and also later this week, some before after photos of the SC House!

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