So, we bought 2 houses…

One here in Houston – and one in South Carolina.  Somehow we are going to make this work.  Right?  One of us living here, working – the other living there, working on that house.  Why did I ever agree to this?  It’s insane at best.  I guess we felt like after 33 some odd years of being married, we could do this.  I hope we can.

The Houston House – is not bad…it’s small, painted horribly, but that should be easily remedied, it’s just paint right?











Keep in mind, that’s the previous owner’s stuff.  Still, this house is neat, clean, all the caulking is good – just needs paint.

NOW THE BEAST in south carolina..

Whoa, spring sprung in between looking and buying – what a MESSSSSSS!


This is the front yard look – the previous owners were supposed to have the yard cleaned up – what a joke that is.


Surprise!!  we didn’t paint behind the washer and dryer – said NO previous owner ever.  I mean, really????  OH yah, and there’s the issue of the missing baseboard.  Why was that not on the homeowner disclosure?


OK, this room is fun.  This is the room they had locked ON PURPOSE and did not let the inspector in, or our agent.  It was just locked, couldn’t find the key they said.  Right.  they did not want anyone seeing this mess – and frankly, had I seen it – I NEVER would have agreed to buy this place.  What a pit!! (in writing this in 2015…we have since discovered the area of the dampness and fixed it…a simple downspout drawing water away from the corner of the house did the trick.  They had the gutter going straight into the ground…at the corner of the house…right in the corner of the crawl space).

Now keep in mind – this is basement crawl space – it’s unfinished – but wow, what a mess.  How do people live with stuff like this for 25 years and not do anything about it?  Crazy people?  Disgusting people?  yep – all of the above.  I’m calling you out Catherine Ann Gilliam – you are a complete and utter SLOB!!!!!



I mean…who just does this?  there is no rhyme or reason to what you are looking at.  it’s over-grown, it’s’s half dead – and this just gets better… or worse?  Now, it’s not all horrible, there are some really nice plants here..but getting to them and getting them cleaned up will be a multi-year challenge for sure.




Nice flower bed huh?  and FWIW…never let a vine grow on your house.  it’s dumb.



I hate trees in a pot.  It’s also dumb.


Nice weeds huh?


Oh what a nice azalea…if that fence post wasn’t laying there..and that vine on the fence wasn’t all overgrown..and there weren’t so many weeds there.


Yah..a better idea of what is here – or not rather.  organization and yard work.  Now in this picture you can’t see that whole archway..but it is not centered across the fence gate?  thoughts?  I can’t figure it out.


Yah – that’s the flower bed ^^^^


Yah, this is another part of the flower bed ^^^ notice how high the weeds are?  Nice.


OH look – more.


How sweet…



and LOOK – Catherine Ann Gilliam (AKA, SLOB) left me more goodies… broken pots.  Everywhere.  And pieces of broken pots, everywhere.


Now…the boards below are where their rotten disgusting hot tub was – that we insisted on having them remove.  We should have had them remove the boards.  This is how they left it.  With an open hole..where a board should be.  Again..FUCKING SLOBS.  Can you tell I am just a little pissed off? 





This again is another slob area.  What the hell?  I have plans for this area.  (2015 update – we had a paver path installed – the propane tank, which is 120 gallons.. sits just to the right in the photo, the line of which was buried less than an inch under the dirt.  Wonder why they put those boards there?  I don’t.  I know why – bastards!)

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