Venice – Day 2

So many things to see, walked around most of this trip with my jaw slack, and camera shutter popping.  The full gallery can be seen here:

Lion of St. Mark - VeniceThis was a rainy day, coupled with a full moon and high tide, St. Marks Square was predicted to be underwater by 3 feet – while that did not happen, it was more like 4-6 inches.  Venice is sinking…really.  When you hear the history of how it was built, it’s quite understandable, but nevertheless just really interesting.


We attended a glass blowing exhibition, walked, and walked, and walked, took many photos of the incredible alley ways and ate great food.

Murano Glass Company - Venice


by the way, this last photo i’m really proud of – it’s an old confessional from St. Marks Church for which the square is known as St. Marks Square.  This was handheld (as they all were) at 1/4 – of a second on the shutter.  one freaking fourth!!    at iso 6400.  While the quality of this camera is NOT that of the Canon 5dM3, I was really happy I took it instead of the heavy equipment.  You have to know this room is wayyy darker than the photo suggests.

Confessional - St. Mark

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