I noticed that I don’t write much anymore

I just upload photos of food. Well, I suppose that’s better than nothing. It’s been busy here, I had a couple of weddings, and then…… dun dun duuuuuunnnnnn… yah, a tooth problem. Picture it…Spring TX, August 2008 (my sofia from golden girls impression) – a woman with all her teeth…goes to the dentist.. sleeps away her appt and wakes up MISSING A TOOTH. yes, and the disaster that followed for those that remember – two surgeries later, a year of recovery – and a bridge!!! HORROR~!~ it was actually – the thought of missing one of my teeth – those things that started growing in me – like before i grew up. I can’t tell you how tragic this was..still is.

Anyway…fast foward to a couple of weeks ago. I start feeling like there is ‘something’stuck between my teeth – you know, that feeling you get when you have a piece of corn silk or popcorn or something that wedges between 2 teeth -and it drives you MAD till you get it out? Well, that was the feeling – only my BRAIN didn’t recognize it correctly. There WAS no tooth where I had this feeling – it was coming from the bridge. Sadly for me, I recognized this way too late in day. Friday…of course, when all the dentists in the world – are not working.

So, I had some antibiotics here, I know the drill…5 abcesses in 3 years…yada yada yada. I’m such a smartass, right? right. So by Sunday evening – I’m dying here…face is trying to fall off on that side – but the skin won’t let it – the tooth area is trying to extricate itself from my jawbone – but again…flesh won’t let it. I certainly hope this leaves you with the impressession there was pain. And if that wasn’t clear enough – there was PAIN. So…off to the dentist I went..swearing that this would NEVER EVER EVER happen again. I got new antibiotics and trotted off to the oral surgeons office. Yes, the anchor tooth on the bridge..cracked at the root – has to go.

I put on my big girl panties last Friday..GB drove me to the surgeon’s office, and off i went into la-la land while they sawed the bridge apart, and extracted the broken tooth. I pretty much slept off and on for a week…a little pain pill here, one there…little throbbing – nothing serious. It’s all good..except that hole…where the tooth used to be..which is right next to where the ‘other’ tooth used to be…the one that the crack head dentist pulled. I would still like to sue his ass.

So hopefully things will continue to heal well, next week or the week after – i forget – i go to have the mri that will determine how big/small and where precisely the implant will be placed and sometime after november 20th (last wedding for the year) – I will have the implant done. From my understanding, this takes anywhere from 3-6 months to heal enough to put the crown on the implant.

Keep your fingers x’d.

That’s all – this was our pumpking from halloween.



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