ahem…. just a photo from new hampshire

yah – i know…slacker


it’s been a few months since my mom passed away and i can think about all of this now without getting overwhelmingly sad. It’s been a big help having Diane home for the summer. We had a great visit from Valerie as well on D’s 21st birthday. She had a friend from New Hampshire take her first visit to Texas. She loved the heat…go figure – yankee!

So lots of things have been going on, there was the settling of mom’s estate, selling the house, etc. We took our annual trip to New Hampshire over the 4th and this year, it was no vacation. My father in law had a seizure the 3rd or so day we were there, actually ON the 4th, and we had to call EMS, he is 87 and the sad news is, he will be in a nursing home for the duration now.

We now have 3 (yes, that’s right) dogs, with the addition of my mother’s dog Zoe Rose. Add to that, she was diagnosed with pancreatitis, same as krump about 2 weeks ago. I had suspected it for a couple of years but mom’s old vet never did the bloodwork to confirm it. She’s doing great and we call her our little sausage..

Teah is going to see the allergist this morning, we have decided to try a drug called atopica for her skin allergies, the poor thing is miserable and it makes us all very sad to see her suffering with just ‘itches’.

Diane has been working her internship at the Gleanloch Villages Nursing home, rotating departments all summer, she really likes it and will be sad to leave.

Well, other than that, i’ve been the same, working on my business and shooting a lot of weddings. It’s really fun, but i could lose the summer heat and not miss it…really…

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